Sunday, October 19, 2014

Since Last Time

I have been on a long hiatus from all things electronic for a few years now and just started getting interested again in maybe writing some more. we will see. What's happened since last time? I'm no longer working. I am trying for disability due to this Meniere's Disease I mentioned I would write about at some point. i have monthly attacks that keep me in bed for almost 2 days. let's see my daughter is engaged and plans to be married in April, my son moved to Virginia (😭) yep that's me, for a good government job and he is also engaged,  my mother passed away this year oh and the real son will be deployed next month for 6months.  Yeah, that bodes well for my vertigo problem as stress is also a trigger. 

I hope to write some better news next time. I hope you guys that I was communicating with are still around. I find I have missed this with y'all.

Me cago en todo lo que se mueve...